Esperance Distillery Co's founder James is an environmental engineer, so it's safe to say he takes sustainability pretty seriously. We apply a conscious effort to be as sustainable as possible. We have been carbon neutral since 2022, achieved by tracking the Scope 1 and Scope 2 indirect carbon footprint of our business and vehicles. We have also worked hard to reduce our Scope 3 emissions by choosing low-carbon suppliers of physical and virtual products.

We have used carbon offsets to reduce our carbon footprint to zero. We are planning to eliminate the need for offsets through new carbon reduction initiatives when we relocate to a custom-made premises. Below are some of our emission reduction initiatives:



We are currently renting our building and unable to install solar. In 2022 we have been speaking with Horizon Power about offering a 100% renewable energy purchase option for businesses like us unable to install solar. Horizon Power are considering a trial.

We recycle cooling water for use in our small still. We are looking at water recycling options for our big still, or even using the cooling water to water a botanical garden. Our new premises will recycle all still cooling water.


We are using Climate Clever carbon accounting software to track all of our energy, water and vehicle emissions. This software allows us to determine our total footprint, and opportunities to reduce our emissions. Our goal is to track and offset our carbon emissions to become carbon negative by 2025.

Using offsets is not our preference, but a means to an end. We are considering relocation and will implement several environmental initiatives as part of this relocation that will avoid the need for offsets.

A Focus on Local

Our goal is to support local initiatives over the amazing global initiatives (eg. 1% for the planet) that are out there. We're taking the time to speak with our local shire, local tree planting organisations and traditional owners to see what potential there is to create carbon offsetting programs that directly benefit the Esperance community. We are working with Impact Seed towards this goal. It is a longer and more involved journey, but much more targetted and beneficial for our local community. No programs are currently running, but the discussion has begun.