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Award Winning Pedigree

We are excited to announce a significant milestone for Esperance Distillery Co. In 2023 we purchased the Lisandras Distillery, the same distillery that won champion single malt whisky in WA in 2023.

Lisandras Distillery owners Andras and Lisa had made the decision to end on a high. Their young family and growing accounting business had meant less time to spend in the distillery, despite their outstanding success.

So in late in 2023, Esperance Distillery Co purchased the Lisandras Distillery's two copper pot stills, fermentation equipment and a large quantity of aged stock. Andras has also come on board as a mentor and taste tester for our whisky, a job he seems excited to hold!

With much of the whisky already aged, Esperance Distillery Co is able to release some expressions in 2024 whilst we wait for our own whisky to reach maturity. The Lisandras collection of whisky will form a bespoke release by Esperance Distillery Co, with every expression vetted for quality before release by Andras.

Esperance Distillery Co's whisky expressions will build upon Lisandras' successes combined with our own unique signature from our use of local rainwater, proximity to the coast potentially imparting a slight brininess and different weather profile affecting in-barrel maturation.

Inspired by Tradition

Inspired with traditional whisky practices that focus on a rich and smooth flavour profile, our whisky production process uses a traditional double pot distillation to achieve our spirit signature.

All whisky produced by Esperance Distillery Co is distilled in our 600L wash still and 250L spirit still.

Lisandras owner, Andras, is a Hungarian citizen and has tried to impart a signature style on his whisky with a frequent use of the rare Hungarian oak cask with a focus on smooth, easy drinking and complex whiskys. Esperance Distillery Co will continue Andras' legacy by crafting a similar, award-winning style of the amber gold.

A Focus on Local

Esperance is surrounded by some of the biggest broad acre farming land in Australia. We will be experimenting with local barley in our whiskys. Esperance also has some of the purest rainwater in the world thanks to it's isolation and lack of nearby heavy-industry. We will be using local rainwater for our wort and spirit stock. This unique coastal water will impart a signature across all of our expressions.