WineBar Chocolates

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WineBar Chocolates

WineBar Chocolates

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WineBar Chocolates are hand-made in Fremantle, Western Australia.

"Subtle, smooth alcohol infusions delicately combined with tempered chocolate will challenge your senses, making it impossible for you to have just one. That’s how good chocolate should be, right? You need another bite." - WineBar Chocolates

WineBar Espresso Martini Dark Chocolate:

  • Our premium Vodka, Coffee Liqueur and Dark Espresso blend will orchestrate a bittersweet symphony for your tastebuds
  • Couverture Dark Chocolate | Premium Blend | 80 gram bar

WineBar Gin Infused Dark chocolate:

  • Experience the fresh taste of Juniper with this blend of Premium Gin and Botanicals inside smooth Couverture Dark Chocolate
  • Premium Blend | 59% Cocoa | 80 gram bar

WineBar Barrel-aged Whisky Milk Chocolate:

  • Aged to perfection in oak barrels, this premium whiskey marries our silky milk chocolate , creating the finest blend. 25% Cocoa
  • Couverture Milk Chocolate | Premium Blend | 80 gram bar